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The Risk Levels, also called Difficulty Settings or Difficulties, can generally be adjusted by selecting one of several available modes, with each difficulty being progressively ha

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  • Difficulties and Modifiers (PAYDAY 2)Edit

Steam Update 170 One Down

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I will be explaining how to thorougly dig into this new difficulty, One Down (OD). I know some of you are suffering hard to beat these pesky jobs. Well, pay attention to what I'm about to explai.

  • Please, please for the love of god, get the Joker related skills. All three of them.
  • Transport: Harbor, Underpass, Downtown, Crossroads, Park

PAYDAY 2 Difficulties Sniper Update OVERKILL Software

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PAYDAY 2: Difficulties Sniper Update. By Almir2018-03-01Steam Community.. The Difficulties Sniper Beta has been out for about three weeks and we have gotten a lot of response and feedback.