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Cook Off is a single-day heist in PAYDAY 2 that is contracted from Bain. The crew is instructed to cook and secure meth. It is the second heist (after. If you really want two cooks to speed up the process, make sure only one cook operates per batch.-- COOKING GUIDE --Bain will say things that...

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Steam PAYDAY 2 Useful shortcuts

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This is my first serious PAYDAY 2 Guide so i will try to keep clean as much as i can with my poor English. Before leaving a comment, please note that i will delete every 'hate' comment in this guide unless its written politely with useful feedback and. I have a bag spot for rats (and cook off) day one.

  • The ultimate guide for all possible shortcuts at all PAYDAY 2 heists.
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  • You can also throw bags to second floor when you spawn and pick them up from there.
  • To make this work, stand on the rail.sprint and jump towards the window or the wall near the window.