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Albino Bat Demon Blood Black liquid that reeks of the outer dark: Type Ingredient Grade High Ingredient Yes Max Stack 100 Weight 0.10 ID 11127.. Jul 05, 2019 Now if you add Albino Bat Demon Blood, youll be able to transform your weapon into the Awakened Triumvirate Staff!

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Super Albino. Llamas are awesome! Llama badges.... Buy Llama Accessory for Blood-Demon-Shinobi. In order to perform this transaction, please verify your password

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1250 Blood 400 Demon Blood 10 Hearts of a Hero 20 Shards of Skelos. Crafted in the Godly Enchanting Table.. And things like items and ingredients can drop off Meruvians that can be found by the bat tower and the portal dungeon.

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