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What time does it open? When is it open? are both questions right in your opinion? I know that the meaning isn't exactly the same... You would get a similar response if you ask, 'when does it open?'. For 'when is it open?', there are many possible answers. It is open every day, it is open Monday...

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interrogatives How to ask what time the bank opens English

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When does the bank open? I want to ask what time the bank opens. I thought the last one (#3) is correct, but I saw in a book that the first one (#1) is. Your last example does seem natural. The verb of When does the bank open? is does open. This verb employs the active voice, present tense...


English on the Internet English in Lessons

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1. What time are banks open? - are open from 9.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. 2. Her name is Helga. is a waitress in a German restaurant.. a) Londnsk banky jsou oteveny od 9.30 do 15.30 hod.

  • Doplte do vty: I, you, he, she, it, they, some

English Exercises What time do you?

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time exercise. Look at the timetable and answer the questions: Does Peter get up at half past eight?. What do you do in your spare time?part1 Level: elementary Age: 10-17 Downloads: 502.

  • What did you do last weekend? - Listening Test
  • What do you like best? - Basic Vocabulary
  • Answer the questions following the model:
  • Our Freetime: What are you going to do this weekend?

1 Make questions to match the answers What time Brainlypl

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klaudiaaaa24. What time DOES THE MEETING START ? The meeting starts at 8.30 tonight. Do you watch tv every day? No, I don't watch TV every day. What WILL YOU DO after school ? I don't know what I'll do. Is she going to try IT ?


Ingles Virtual

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2. What time does the meeting starr? b) He has to pay for the office party. 3. Where does she live? c) You can leave at five o`clok.. I never take work home at night or on the weekend. A. Make sentences about what marco Has and does not have. 1. a campany car / a sat-nav.

  • A. Work in pairs. Match the questions (1-6) to answers (a-f)
  • B. Put these words in the correct order to make questions.
  • D. Make negative sentences. Use do not (do not) or does not (does not)
  • A. Make sentences about what marco Has and does not have.

Opening times of Cash America Cashland in 4499 Refugee Road

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Find opening times and closing times for Cash America Cashland in 4499 Refugee Road, Columbus, OH, 43232 and other contact details such as address, phone number, website, interactive direction map and nearby locations.

  • Cash America Cashland opening hours Columbus, OH

1 time does the party start? a What b Where c When 2 Where is

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We did all kinds of things for our girls. 1..... Sometimes we have to talk to them and cheer them up even when they did get the job they wanted; such. 3. Ill never forget the time when Charles de Gaulle was closed down because of the strike and Kate Moss had to get to Paris for a very important job.


grammar Will arrive vs does arrivewhich of these two sentences

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What time does your bus arrive? can be (and usually is) equivalent to. What time will your bus arrive? but it can also have different connotations. In the context of a discussion about relative commute times, does may indicate an ongoing scheduled arrival time instead of a particular future...

  • Will arrive vs. does arrivewhich of these two sentences is correct or more usually used?
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An ESl exercise using the key question words; why, when, why, where, which, who, how

  • Complete the conversation between Ann and Bill by putting a word from the box below into each gap.
  • Match a question in A with an answer in B.